Here is a typical buyer's process my clients go through. Note that this is a generic outline and your situation may require some time or additional resources in between steps. That's when I'm at my best - when special concerns arise I LOVE working to find solutions for my clients.

  1. Talk about what you want to buy. A home, condo, chalet, cabin, or cave*, I'll help you prioritize and focus your search to the right homes for you. At this stage, you'll probably want a mortgage broker too - I'll can use my big referral network to find a resource that best fits your financial situation, or you may use whichever lender you would like.
  2. Home Search. I'll personally send you highly customized reports with homes available that meet your needs. I'll also show you the best ways to find homes in online searches. We'll schedule time to go look at those homes. If you like none, we keep looking. Once we find one, we move on to step three.
  3. Make the Offer. I'll craft your complete offer by writing your sales contract. I do this in conjunction with your financing source and your direction. I'll work to ensure that you understand your sales documents, and help you easily understand often confusing issues so you can make clear decisions.
  4. Manage your Transaction. I'll make sure you, your lender, your title company, and everyone else are kept abreast of the transaction from beginning to end. Your time and money and livelihood are at stake here - I do not take this responsibility lightly.
  5. Help you Move. Ok, I won't pick up boxes. I will make sure that you know your schools, utilities, neighborhood, parks, stores, and more. You'll have access to my referral network of movers, designers, rehabilitators, gardeners, and anyone else you need. 
  6. Hand You Keys. One of my favorite thing to do is hand over keys at the end of a transaction. You'll have worked hard for this home, and I'll celebrate with you!

* I help buy homes with potential rooms known as caves. I do not sell caves. :)