Selling a home is complicated and often overwhelming for a homeowner. I do it for a living though. My job is to make the process easier for you. This is how it usually works when I sell a home. 

  1. Market Planning your home includes price, product, promotion, and place. We will honestly discuss your home's total marketing strategy together. You know your home best, I know the market. I'll make sure you are completely informed about pricing and positioning strategy. You'll help me appreciate and value your home so I can highlight it's best features. I'll create a custom marketing plan for your home that will help your home sell strong.
  2. Home Prep - I'll consult with you on what steps your home needs to be market ready. Do you need to really install that smoke detector (yes) or repair that crack in the foundation (maybe)? I can help you figure out what to paint, move, discard, highlight, repair, or update - and connect you directly to people who specialize in those services if you need. 
  3. Hitting the Market - I swamp the market with all of my listings in the first 48 hours. In person, online, and through physical mail - your home will hit everyone who might be looking for your home. I have this down to a science and it's worked repeatedly for years. I'll coordinate showings with other Realtors, independent buyers, and open houses and insider brokers' tours if appropriate.
  4. Accepting your Offers - As offers arrive, I'll be your right-hand-man assisting your understanding of contracts, while you decide to accept or counter or reject the proposals. My clients make informed decisions and I carry them out on their behalf. 
  5. Managing your Transaction - I'll do everything to assist the transaction from arranging repair contractors on your behalf to ensuring your disclosures are completed appropriately. 
  6. Signing. I will come to your signing ceremony with your escrow officer. This is the last time we'll probably see each other in the transaction, but it's not the last you'll hear of me. I'll stay in contact as you move into your new home - and trust me I DO want to see your photos of updates and improvements to your home (including newborns and pets!)